⚡Private Signals

Live Signals

Live prelaunch

Public signals are live prelaunch and can be viewed at https://t.me/GemAIPublic

Algorithm & AI

The same exact algorithm and AI paragraphs which apply for Public Signals, also do apply for these, however with an increased amount of possibilities being considered in our criteria, these signals are expected to (long-term) out-do public signals by a fair bit.


These signals come with 0 delay. The signals which correspond to the utmost basic criteria will be posted both on Private and Public signals, while accounting for a certain delay on the last mentioned.


For paid users, there will be an specific criteria available, which catches tokens more consistently, while providing both a lower risk and reward.

Signals with the improved criteria will not be flagged (it will not be specified, initially), however, they will only be posted privately.

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