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Live prelaunch

Public signals are live prelaunch and can be viewed at https://t.me/GemAIPublic


We make use of a custom-made algorithm. The developer of such is on the coin's team, so not a hired individual, meaning that updates are coming directly from part of the core team pushing the coin. The algorithm stays private, nevertheless, some of its data is currently displayed (and will keep being displayed) on every version, free or not, for the sake of transparency. The 'recipe' itself of the algorithm shall not be shared.


You might be wondering when does AI step into play here. As part of the algorithm, AI is being used to analyze data and determine the best criteria possible to generate positive results in terms of both consistency and gross outcome. Gross outcome is defined as the multiplier from the signal. Consistency is defined by the percentage of times a signal has been successful — not a rug, not a farm.


Once the tokengating phase starts, the public signals will be affected by an intentional 3-block delay (36 seconds), since we still do want the 'free marketing' that comes from such, while also giving holders the benefits they deserve for buying into the coin.

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