đŸŽ¯Roadmap — Updates

Incoming updates

Our roadmap will be presented in an easy-to-follow straight-forward way, so as to guarantee the users of our product are sure of what to expect, and have enough of an idea as of 'when' it is going to happen, even though this may create a sense of 'pre-hype pumps', it's better to be transparent, providing fair-game to everyone in the community.



  • Signals live for the public (no delay)

  • Signals are tokengated, and live for the public (with delay)

  • Updates to the signal's information content.


  • Improved AI (ability to analyze every token, not just the posted ones)

  • Automatization of payments/tokengating (Instead of using collabland, using our own bot to verify holdings)

  • Low/High amount of calls filter (bot picks up less/more tokens, depending on your risk preference, which you set)


  • Partnerships with projects which also work on the blockchain but are not similar to us (hence competition).

  • Special filters added (TBA, depends on meta)

  • Secondary products (if pertinent).

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